Share files for a limited time.
All files uploaded to this service must be rated UNCLASSIFIED or below.
Files above this security rating MUST NOT be transferred over the internet.



FileZ is a web application to upload and manage files to be shared through a unique URL.

User Guide

Submit a File

The main page (see screenshot above) is the core of the application for a user needing to share files. To upload a file click on "Upload a new file" and the upload form will appear:

The only required field on this page is the file to upload, for that click on "Browse".

Other fields are optional but you can customize the following:

Once you have filled in the form, click in "Upload" and wait while the form is uploaded. You will see a progress bar and finally this message:

Your file is automatically added to the top of your list of shared files.

Share a file

Once the file is successfully uploaded, the application generates a unique URL you can use to email to your contacts. To get the URL, hover over the file name with your mouse, and the download URL should appear like so:

To facilitate the sharing of this URL click "Email".

Manage files already uploaded

The uploaded files will be visible on this page for the lifetime you specified during the upload.

Files may be immediately deleted by click on "Delete" (see image above).

You can also increase the period of availability of a file by clicking "Extend one more day" (one day per click, a limit set by the administrator).